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Ditch the meltdowns – and start enjoying family life!

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Dear fellow parent,

We know that having an “emotionally intense,“ “sensitive” or “angry” kid can be overwhelming at times – daily tears, tantrums and unruly behavior have a tendency to defeat even the coolest of parents.

And to be honest, sometimes, it’s a parent who is having too many tantrums.

We also know that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you currently think.

How do we know this? Because we have dedicated the past few years to studying this condition. We have transformed our own lives and families, and now coach parents with methods and strategies for coping. It really works.

We’re Elaine and Diane, and between us we have a combined six children with ADD/ADHD and a number of related challenges. So, we’re not just coaches – we’re moms who know a lot about what you’re going through.

We’ve had it all: the screaming, the rage over what should be absolutely nothing, the teenage fits worthy of a toddler. And now, we know how to deal with it – Seriously!

Gone are the days of tears, headaches and everyone’s day ruined. Emotionality and impulsivity mostly are under control, and only rarely rear their ugly head.

An overall sense of peace has taken over our homes, and our sense of well-being is the most wonderful thing in the world.

“Thanks to what I’m learning from Minimize Meltdowns and ImpactParents, I had a great conversation with my son this week about using a codeword at school when he starts to get triggered by other kids. I also explained to him about activating his brain, and he totally got it! Now, he has his own little plan in place. This really helped him to realize that he could be in control of how he responds to others. Of course, we had talked about reacting to situations before. But now he seems to be really clear on it—he chose his own codeword and worked out his own plan–so cute!”
— Tami M

Our secret?

It shouldn’t be a secret! The Coach-Approach offers strategies, techniques and tools that, unfortunately, are completely unknown to the majority of parents.

Coping with the emotions and impulsivity of challenges such as ADHD is all about management. Once you learn how to help your kids manage their intensity, they will be happier, and so will YOU and your entire family.

There’s no such thing as a ‘cure’ for our kids’ challenging issues. But when you learn to manage the symptoms, you will find yourself back on track to living the life you always imagined — and being the kind of parent you want to be.

So how can you get started? Get instant access to life-changing tips and learn strategies that can calm even the most emotional and impulsive kids when you sign up for our FREE tip sheet, “Top 10 Ways to STOP Meltdowns in Their Tracks.” Find out more about how we help parents stop the madness, and reclaim your sanity!


It is 100% FREE to download, and is available for immediate access – so you can literally begin to change your life, and your child’s life, today!

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to help you. We promise you won’t regret it.

From parent to parent with love,

Elaine & Diane


P.S. Remember, this tip sheet is 100% free – so why not give it a shot? It could change your whole life!

“Minimize Meltdowns has helped me in so many ways, from learning more about ADHD, to helping develop skills for my toolbox, to help me help my children.

The skills I am developing help with not just my children who have ADHD, but with all people that I interact with.”
— Valerie D, Indiana

Ditch the meltdowns – and start enjoying family life!

Sign up to receive our FREE tip sheet
“The Top 10 Ways to Stop Meltdowns In Their Tracks”

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