Read What People are Saying About Minimize Meltdowns
and it’s Founders, Elaine & Diane.

Nothing speaks for Minimize Meltdowns and it’s founders, Elaine & Diane, better than success stories from people
who have experienced it. We have received hundreds of raving reviews and we have compiled a few for you here.
Take a look and see what people are saying!

Elaine, Elaine, Elaine!!!!!!! Diane, Diane, Diane!!!! It worked. But this is big, BIG, B-I-G for me!

I accessed the Minimize Meltdowns website on my iPad through Safari and then hit the button to “throw the video” to the apple TV that is hooked up to our living room TV. The video plays beautifully and then I still have the course screen on my iPad to move forward through the course.

WHY is this so big… because my husband and I can watch these together and discuss, while sitting comfortably on the couch, rather than hunched over a computer screen or the iPad. This is where we are most comfortable in making big decisions and having our discussions.

Sound quality and picture quality was excellent.

Thank you both!!!!

— Michelle S, Nebraska

“Finally- something that makes a difference! My husband and I are really benefiting from Minimize Meltdowns. Just listening to the videos really helps us, especially the video about shifting expectations. The questions themselves are great, and it’s also great that we can go at our own pace.”
— Christina, New Jersey

“Seriously, since I have put this program into practice, it has helped me handle and manage my son’s meltdowns. I have not only had to use this at home and out in public, but also at his school. Since we have implemented what the Minimize Meltdowns course has to offer, his meltdowns have actually lessened in duration, intensity and in the number of times occurred.”

— Tami M, Massachusetts